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Madsby Park - BE HAPPY PASS

Denmarks most fun playground.

Bring your family and spend a full day in Madsbypark and have lots of fun at Madsby Activity Park and The historical Miniature Town. Madsby Activity Park was voted Denmark's most fun playground by a children's jury in 2018.

Here you are guaranteed a day full of fun with, among other things, mooncars, jungle track, rowing boats, minizoo, Minigolf and Fredericia anno 1849 in a miniformat. So ask your mom and dad to pack the picnic basket and get ready for a day full of fun!

Info 2020: We are currently working on a range of improvements for both visitors and the park animals. At the moment, there is limited access to the animals and it is only possible to visit the rabbits and the birds. The mini golf course is closed until 28 June and afterwards periodically closed. Current updates will be posted at the park bulletin boards.

Madsbypark consists of Madsby Aktivity Park, Fredericia Sports Center and the Historical Miniature Town. With a BE HAPPY PASS children get a free ride with the Madsby train at Madsby Legepark and free entrance to the Miniature Town. 

Inquiry at the reception at either the Historical Miniature Town or in Madsby Activity Park.

The offer is valid in the Danish public holidays, on weekends and on official holidays from Easter until week 42. 

Tickets for adults are purchased at a wending machine and your BE HAPPY PASS gives kids free entrance to the train, when you present it to the train driver.

Note that there are different opening hours at the Madsby Activity Park and the Miniature Town.

Suggestion for a full day out in Fredericia
Park at Madsby Activity Park [it costs only 12 DKR per hour for parking and entry to the park is free of charge] and walk over the fun wooden bridge towards the playground. Take a walk through the park and look at the possibilities. Then find your favorite place on a bench at the playground, at the Tarzan course or perhaps near the goats? Here you may want to eat your lunch from your picnic basket.

When you want to try something new, replace the picnic basket with your swim gear and buy a ticket for the Madsby train. It takes only 15 minutes to get to the Historical Miniature Town, where you can you go on discovery amongst the tiny houses [Do you reckon the houses belong to tiny elfes?].

From here you just go uphill to get to the sports center where you can go bowling or have swim in the water park. Perhaps you are lucky and you are here on a night where you can meet an instructor that helps you with the right technique to dive into the water, no matter what level you are at. When you are ready to go home, take the Madsby train back to the playground.

When the day is over, you're looking forward to coming back to your vacation base and sleep in the next day.