Modavi - Danish vineyard

LINDELY operates one of Denmark's largest and most beautifully located wineries, where the goal is to create Danish wine of high quality. At LINDELY we have extensive experience in growing wine in Denmark, and were among the pioneers when wine-growing began its entry into Denmark, which is why our winemaker is one of the most experienced and respected winemakers in Denmark.

The winery is located in scenic surroundings by Kolding fjord. And the location near Kolding fjord provides almost optimal conditions for the cultivation of vine plants in Denmark, as the fjord creates a mild and warm climate, which is perfect for the vines all year round.

14.500 vines are planted on the 6 hectares of the winery, the majority of which are the Solaris and Rondo varies. Solaris is a green grape that fits perfectly with the Danish climate and which gives some beautiful (crispy) and aromatic white wines. 

In addition to these 3 main varieties, 22 other varieties are grown, which are used to mix in the different wines, in order to give the wines extra character. As the climate in Denmark is relatively cool, it is mostly the "cold" wines such as white wine and rosé that are produced on LINDELY, as it is these wines that have the best conditions in the Danish climate.