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6. Juli Dagene in Fredericia

Experience the annual 6th of July Celebrations in Fredericia from 5th-6th of July and watch history come to life with soldiers from 1849, music and parades in the streets, cannon salutes, shopping, street food market and the 6th of July Jazz Festival.

The 6th of July Celebrations mark the historic battle of Fredericia on 6th of July, 1849. On this night, the Danish soldiers from Fredericia stormed through the gates of the ramparts and attacked the besieging army from Schleswig-Holstein, securing one of the greatest strategic and military victories in Danish history. However, winning that battle in the dark of the night did not come without great loss of lives.

On the evening of July 5, the fallen soldiers are commemorated with a torchlight procession through the city. Flowers are placed by the Soldier’s grave at Trinitatis Church and the statue of the Brave Soldier. This statue also happens to be the first ever monument for the common soldier in the world.
The following day July 6, is mostly a day of celebration and joy. Cannon salutes start the day. This is followed by music and parades through the streets to celebrate the great victory. The first half of the parade is a grieving march, while the other half is a victory march.

During the 6th of July Celebrations, Fredericia is full of activities for all ages:  

The Soldier’s Camp on the ramparts – full of uniformed soldiers from 1849
Cannon salutes
Late night shopping
Guided city walks
Free morning coffee
6th of July Jazz Festival
Street Food anno 1849