Havfruefløjterne ved Østerstrand

Handicap accessible holiday

Photo: Joan Barløse

A handicap is no obstacle for great holiday experiences in Fredericia. We will guide you to the best handicap friendly attractions.
Several of our hotels offer handicap facilities -  Fuglsangcentret for instance, is one of the most accessible hotels in Denmark. 

History and culture

Guided tours in Fredericia
It is always possible to arrange guided tours around the historical Fredericia, where wheelchairs can easily come along. We can also arrange special guided tours for the blind and visually impaired. 

The Historical Miniature Town
In the parks around Madsby, you can visit the historical miniature town which is a small scale copy of Fredericia anno 1849. You will find good access for wheelchairs and a handicap toilet. 

The concert venue Tøjhuset in Fredericia hosts more than 200 annual concerts and events. Tøjhuset has no elevated thresholds and there is elevator access to the wardrobe and the first floor balcony area. Handicap toilets are located in the café on the ground floor and on the first floor. Caregivers get free access to events by FredericiaLive, Fredericia Jazzklub and the Blues Club Double Trouble. There is a handicap parking spot right by the building.  

Fredericia Town Museum
The old buildings at Fredericia Town Museum can be visited by the disabled. The museum has a ramp for wheelchair access. Please note, that inside the old buildings, there are elevated thresholds. 

Fredericia Musical Theatre
At Fredericia Musical Theatre there are wheelchair areas in both theatre halls as well as elevator access to upper floors. Wheelchair tickets are sold via the theatre's ticket office: +45 53 73 96 01 or billet@fredericiamusicalteater.dk. Caregivers get access if they hold an official caregiver certificate issued by the Danish handicap organisation (Danske Handicaporganisationer) or the Danish association for the blind (Dansk Blindesamfund)

Beach fun for everyone

Wheelchair users have easy access to the popular beach Østerstrand in Fredericia. There is parking right by the beach, and the whole area including parking, beach, toilets and the beach bar are in one level.  At the beach you will find Havfruefløjterne, which is a spiral-shaped bathing facility in the water, especially designed so that blind and visually impaired can safely bathe within the ropes. The facility may be used by anyone who feels more comfortable here. 
Østerstrand is a Blue Flag beach and has handicap toilets.
You can also borrow a special ocean wheelchair, in which you can access the shallow waters via a ramp. 

Family activities

Madsby Activity Park
Madsby Activity park has free entry and is designed so wheelchairs can access the whole park on evenly surfaced gravel paths and paved paths. By the hills, there are paved paths leading up and down. The park has two handicap toilets. 
Smaller non-electric wheelchairs can be brought along on the Madsby train that goes around the park. 
In the park, there is a handicap friendly playground with a swing and carousel accessible by wheelchair users. 

Fredericia Swim Centre and Aqualand
The swim centre at Fredericia Sports Centre is fitted with handicap friendly ramps and anti-slip floors by all level differences. There are two handicap changing rooms with direct lift access to the hot water pool. In the aqualand there is also lift access to the pool and the spa.

Outdoor adventures

Fredericia Ramparts
The historical ramparts in Fredericia can be accessed by wheelchair. There are paths on street level along the outer rim of the moats and paths on top of the fortification. At some points, there are stairs, but in many places, you can go up and down the ramparts on evenly surfaced paths. All paths are gravel.

The beach path
Go for a trip along the Little Belt coast on the 4 km path stretching from Old Harbour to Hyby beach to the north. Mose of the path is paved, but with a few even gravel path passages along the way.  

Randal Forest
Most gravel roads and paths in Randal Forest can be travelled by wheelchair. There may be some unfit areas, but most of the roads are in accessible condition and the terrain is mostly flat.  

Fuglsang Forest
It also possible to visit the forest of Fuglsang. Most of the gravel paths in the area are accessible by wheelchair - there may be some terrain which is less suitable.
At Fuglsang Forest there is a marked path for the blind.