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Bridgewalking – An unforgettable experience

Go bridgewalking on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt and try something unique.

Bridgewalking across Little Belt

Go on a bridge walk on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt and experience Little Belt and the surrounding area from a whole new angle. Bridgewalking is a very special activity that can only be tried in four places in the world, and the only place in Europe is on the old Little Belt Bridge, which links Fredericia and Middelfart, Jutland and Funen. Book your next outing with Bridgewalking Lillebælt for an unforgettable experience.

The Little Belt Bridge experience

An adrenaline rush and spectacular views of Little Belt, Fredericia and Middelfart are guaranteed when you're at the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge, 60 metres above sea level.

Each bridge walk is led by a guide from Bridgewalking Lillebælt, who will tell you about the bridge’s construction, the area’s history and the surrounding scenery. If you're lucky, you might even spot a few porpoises – Little Belt's very own little whale. Little Belt is home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises. Bridgewalking also brings you up close to the special steel construction of the Old Little Belt Bridge, and you'll feel the whole bridge vibrate as heavy freight trains and fast express trains pass beneath you on the bridge's railway tracks.

Try bridgewalking alone or together

Bridgewalking is a fantastic activity for individuals, couples and groups of all sizes. On a Bridgewalking Lillebælt bridge walk, visitors are sent onto the bridge in groups of up to 20 people, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a more intimate experience with your friends, partner, spouse, or whomever else you have chosen to share the experience with. Even if you walk in a group for safety reasons, bridgewalking doesn’t have to feel like a group activity. Time on the bridge is spent enjoying the experience and listening your guide's captivating stories! You can therefore easily do a bridge walk on your own.

Bridgewalking Lillebælt: The perfect group activity

Because visitors go bridgewalking in groups, a bridgewalk on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt is the perfect destination for your next group trip. Go bridgewalking as your next family outing, friends outing or company outing, or walk across Little Belt as part of your corporate event or teambuilding trip. The options are endless, and Bridgewalking Lillebælt and their guides are always on hand to create the perfect setting for your trip.

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Bridgewalking all year round

Bridgewalking Lillebælt arranges trips all year round, so there is plenty of opportunity to experience Little Belt in all the seasons. Try bridgewalking in autumn, when the leaves from the many trees on both sides of the belt cover the coastline in an explosion of reds, or see how nature appears more rugged from the top of the bridge in winter.

If you've already tried bridgewalking, there's no reason why you can't enjoy a completely new and unique experience every time you go on a bridgewalk across Little Belt. As Bridgewalking Lillebælt's guides themselves say: No two trips across Little Belt are the same, and there are always more stories to tell!

Information about bridgewalking

Your walk on the bridge starts at Bridgewalking Lillebælt's welcome centre at Galsklintvej 2 in Middelfart. Here Bridgewalking Lillebælt's knowledgeable tour guides will welcome you and prepare you for the fantastic trip you are about to embark on. Together you'll walk from the welcome centre to the Old Little Belt Bridge, where you'll be connected to a safety system – and then it's uphill from there!

The walk is about 2.5 km long, and it is a requirement that participants are in reasonably good physical shape, as there are some steps along the way. No items are allowed on the bridge, and all pockets must be emptied. You are therefore not allowed to bring phones or cameras on the tour – but don't worry, your guide will bring a phone and will take photos of you along the way, which you can download afterwards. You can lock your small belongings, such as your wallet, keys or phone, in a safety box while you're on the bridge.

Read more about what happens before, during and after the bridge walk here!

Tickets, prices and parking

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at the welcome centre and online. We recommend that you buy tickets online to make sure you get the tour you want. Tickets can be purchased here or via the blue box on the right.


Children under 16 (over 140 cm): DKK 255

Adults: DKK 315

Free parking: Parking is available at Galsklintvej 2, 5500 Middelfart, right next to the welcome centre. Read more about parking and public transport options here!

Food and drink at Bridgewalking Lillebælt

You can buy hot and cold drinks to enjoy before or after your walk on the bridge. These are sold at the welcome centre, where you can also see a small exhibition about the area surrounding Little Belt and the Old Little Belt Bridge and buy various souvenirs from Bridgewalking Lillebælt. The welcome centre also has tables and benches where you can enjoy a packed lunch, a fire pit with seating and a large nature playground. It is not possible to buy food from Bridgewalking Lillebælt.

Do you have any other questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions here!

Experience more: Fredericia, the fortress town in the heart of Denmark

If you're looking for dining, experiences, or accommodation during your visit to Bridgewalking Lillebælt, these are just a stone's throw away! From Bridgewalking Lillebælt, there's a short distance to the fortress town of Fredericia.

In Fredericia, you'll find inviting restaurants and cafes, great shopping opportunities, and charming pedestrian streets. There are plenty of good accommodation options, so you can easily plan your excursion for bridgewalking.

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