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Coastal walk from Skærbæk to Børup forest - 5 km

Go on a coastal walk in the beautiful natural scenery of the Little Belt from Skærbæk to Børup Forest.

Lovely coastal walk along the Little Belt

The 5 km walk from Skærbæk to Børup Forest along Frederica's southern coast offers great nature experiences.

On the route you pass Hagenør Slotsbanke (Castle Hill) which was once the setting of a royal castle from the middle of the 1300's. The castle was situated opposite Hindsgavl Castle on Funen.

On the beach next to Hagenør Slotsbanke you can be lucky to find flint tools from the Stone Age.

In the waters, marine archaeologists have registered several large oak trunks, which have been flung down the prehistoric coastal shore.

About the coastal walk

Parking can be done on Hagenørvej or Brandsøvej. The route can be accessed from several different locations. See map here!

The route is not marked in the area, but only requires that you follow the coast. Please note that in several places the tour runs very close to the water's edge. 

Hagenør nature area: Protected coast and marked hiking route

At Hagenør there is also a marked path of approx. 4 km. The path is marked in yellow and takes you through Hagenør's beautiful nature and protected coastline. Read more about Hagenør and the yellow hiking route here!

Follow the yellow walking trail and show consideration

Most of the nature area at Hagenør is privately owned. Therefore, show consideration for the area's residents and privacy by only using the yellow marked route when exploring the area. Thank you!


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