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Dinoland - Indoor Playpark

Dino's Playland - for children of all ages

Step inside and play in the wonderful world of dinosaurs. Time is turned back, and the land of long ago comes to life with amazing play areas for children of all ages.

While the children play, you can enjoy a coffee in the café, connect to the wireless network or socialize in the lounge area, which is centrally located in the playground.

We have three different play areas:

One for the 0-2 year olds,
One for the 3-6 year olds
One of the 4-100-olds

Adults are welcome to play along. With the exception of the café area all of Dino's Playland is covered with soft carpeting so small feet are kept warm and clean. Therefore, we ask that you take your shoes off before you come into the play area.