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Kringsminde Farm Museum

Visit Kringsminde Farm Museum with the family and experience life in the old days!

Experiences for Children and Adults at Kringsminde Farm Museum

At Kringsminde Farm Museum you can get really close to the old days! The cosy open-air museum is open to visitors throughout the year, and there are many outdoor and indoor activities for the whole family!

Kringsminde: Life in the Countryside in the Old Days

Kringsminde Farm Museum is a beautiful old half-timbered farm with associated farm land and farm animals, which today functions as a working museum. Here you can experience and participate in farming and life on the farm as it was in the period from 1850 to 1950 in Denmark.

Many activities at the farm museum are carried out by volunteers, who are organized in old-fashioned craft guilds. You can meet the various guilds at the farm museum’s events and try your hand at the old traditions and crafts.

Free Child-Friendly Activities throughout the Year at Kringsminde Farm Museum

At Kringsminde Farm Museum there are free activities and events throughout the year based on life on the farm.

Come, for example, to the spring event on the farm and see the farm’s sheep being sheared and the parsley garden made ready for spring. There will be tastings, small workshops and activities for both young and old. The farm also holds both a harvest festival and the popular Christmas event “Jul på Kringsminde”. At all events you can also shop in the farm shop or buy various plants, crafts, raw materials etc.

Admission is free!

Read more about Kringsminde Farm Museum’s many events and find an overview here!

There may be individual events such as guided tours and dinners that require registration and payment. Find more information about events with payment on the home page of Kringsminde Farm Museum!

Practical Information

Opening hours: Kringsminde Farm Museum does not have fixed opening hours, but you can experience the cosy atmosphere of the farm museum at many regular events. Admission is free!

Free parking: There is free parking at Kringsminde Farm Museum.

Public transport: Fredericia town bus 6 has a stop at Kringsminde Farm Museum.

Access for dogs: Dogs may not be brought to Kringsminde Farm Museum.

Disabled-friendly: The outdoor areas of Kringsminde Farm Museum are wheelchair and rollator walker friendly. Some of the farm museum’s indoor areas are not suitable for wheelchairs due to space. Contact Kringsminde Farm Museum for more information!

Special tours: It is possible to book special tours for groups at the farm museum. Contact Kringsminde Farm Museum for more information. The farm museum also has its own school service, which arranges special learning courses with selected focuses. Read more about the School Service’s offer here!

Farming, Museum and Attraction in One close to Fredericia

Kringsminde Farm Museum is located in the small village of Egeskov, just a stone’s throw from Fredericia. The current buildings of the farm museum are from the 18th century, but it is known that there have been farms and farming on the site as far back as the 17th century.

The farm museum was used for farming until 1975 when the farm was bought by Fredericia Kommune and later protected. Kringsminde Farm Museum was transformed into a farm museum in 1990 when the buildings at the same time were restored back to their original appearance. Since then the farm has functioned as a farm museum, first under Fredericia Town Museum and now as an independent institution.


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