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Lyngsodde Slipway

Lyngsodde Slipway is located approx. 6 km. southwest of Frederica's center on the southern side of the Little Belt Bridge.

The area is narrow and sandy (about 5-10 meters) area of a little over 1km, facing the southeast towards Lillebælt.

The area is mainly used for diving and rowing/canoeing. There are two slipways underneath the new Little Belt bridge with a bridge in between, making it easy to get in and out of the boats/dinghies. Slipways can be used free of charge throughout the year.

NB. It is prohibited to sail with jet skis from here!

Facilities: Diving club, bathing bridge, table and benches, restroom and garbage disposal.

Access via Lyngsoddevej. There are good parking options.

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