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Lyngsodde Slipway

Lyngsodde Slipway is located approx. 6 km. southwest of Frederica's center on the southern side of the Little Belt Bridge.

The area is narrow and sandy (about 5-10 meters) area of a little over 1km, facing the southeast towards Lillebælt.

The area is mainly used for diving and rowing/canoeing. There are two slipways underneath the new Little Belt bridge with a bridge in between, making it easy to get in and out of the boats/dinghies. Slipways can be used free of charge throughout the year.

NB. It is prohibited to sail with jet skis from here!

Facilities: Diving club, bathing bridge, table and benches, restroom and garbage disposal.

Access via Lyngsoddevej. There are good parking options.

Be aware of the porpoises when sailing in Little Belt

When sailing in the Little Belt Nature Park, you should pay attention to the biodiversity of the belt. You can read more about how to take care of the Little Belt's small residents, the special porpoises, in the Nature Park Little Belt's code of conduct 'Noise and Porpoises'. Find it here!