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Skærbæk Strandpark

Skærbæk Strandpark is a beautiful nature area with both a forest and beach.

A trip to the forest or beach?

Skærbæk Beach Park (Skærbæk Strandpark in danish) is about 6 hectares of beautiful nature area with both a beach and forest. The Beach Park area is located next to Little Belt and the cosy harbour town of Skærbæk.

Both the beach and forest area at Skærbæk Strandpark are ideal spots for a picnic, a long hike or a trip to the beach. The forest area behind the beach has a hilly terrain and a well-developed trail system. Here you will also find a recommended shelter site.


The Strandpark area has tables and benches where you can stop for a well-earned rest or to enjoy the view. There are also public toilets nearby as well as information about the Blue Flag and the current bathing water quality. The beach has a Blue Flag.

Read Trygfonden's guide to safe bathing here!

Parking: the area's car park is accessed via Brandsøvej.

Bathing jetties

There are 2 jetties on the beach: a smaller jetty and 200 metres further along the beach a larger bathing and boat jetty. The larger jetty has a low platform, which is good for launching canoes and kayaks into the water, allowing you to sail straight from the beach and out on Little Belt.

If you come to Skærbæk Strandpark by boat, you can moor your boat at the round jetty head at the end of the larger jetty. You are not permitted to moor your boat on the inner part of the bridge, as this part is reserved for bathing guests. The smaller bathing jetty is exclusively for swimming.

Be aware of the porpoises when sailing in Little Belt

When sailing in the Little Belt Nature Park, you should pay attention to the biodiversity of the belt. You can read more about how to take care of the Little Belt's small residents, the special porpoises, in the Nature Park Little Belt's code of conduct 'Noise and Porpoises'. Find it here!


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