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Skærbæk Strandpark

Skærbæk Strandpark is a small, very nice beach. It is located by the cozy village Skærbæk with view to the Little Belt.
The beach offers good opportunities for a nice picnic in the area with tables and benches. It is a popular leisure area amongst both families with children, elder people and young people alike.

The beach has 2 beautiful bridges. From the large bathing bridge and jetty there is a possibility to launch canoes and kayaks from a low repos.
If you are sailing to Skærbæk Strandpark, it is possible to moor the boat at the round bridgehead at the very end of the bridge.
It is permitted to bathe from the innermost part of the bridge, so at this point, it is not allowed to moor a boat.
200 meters south of this bridge is a nice bathing bridge reserved exclusively for bathers.

Adjacent to the beach, there is a fish restaurant, Strandparken, where you can buy food and drinks.
Close by there are also public restrooms, along with information about Blue Flag and the actual quality of the bathing water. The bathing water meets the strictest criteria and thus has the best bathing water quality, a bathing place may have.

Upon arrival by car via Brandsøvej there is a car park.
Near the beach there is a large green hilly area inviting you for a hike in the nearby woods. A shelter is located there and gives you an opportunity to spend the night.

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