Lystfisker ved Trelde Næs

Fishing holiday by the Little Belt

The Little Belt is perfect for a fishing holiday. Enjoy the peace and quiet fishing in Denmark's largest nature park. In and around Fredericia you will find a range of great and varied fishing spots. Fish straight from the beach or harbour, rent a boat or come on a fishing tour boat.

In the Little Belt and the adjacent fjords and bays, you will find varied fishing opportunities

The Little Belt is winding through the landscape and shifts between deep waters and strong current and shallow, biodiverse shores. This makes the Little Belt a perfect destination for fishing holidays. You can go fishing all year, and always find a spot sheltered from the wind. The Little Belt is home to a variety of fish species such as flatfish, hornfish, mackerel, cod and sea trout. You can fish straight from the beaches and harbour fronts or sail out and try your luck at sea. 
Good luck! 

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