Marsvin i Lillebælt

Whale Safari from Fredericia

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Up for a whale safari?

The Little Belt is home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises, and on a whale safari, you can get up close to these little whales. Read more about the experience here and book your trip!

How many porpoises can you spot on whale safari?

Set sail from Fredericia and enjoy a couple of cozy hours on the Little Belt with family and friends aboard one of the tour boats that sail on the Little Belt. On a whale safari on the belt, you will learn more about the porpoise's way of life as well as the nature and history of the belt.

Sejltur på Lillebælt med Aventura

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Whale Safari from Fredericia with MS Marianne

Go on a whale safari with the tour boat MS Marianne from Gammel Havn in Fredericia and enjoy a couple of cozy hours on the Little Belt. On board MS Marianne, you will be welcomed by skipper Kurt, who will tell you a lot about the porpoises, the belt, and the nature along the way. On board, children can enter the wheelhouse and try to steer the ship like a real sailor.
The tours are conducted in Danish, English, and German.

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Sejl med M/S Marianne fra Fredericia
Photo: M/S Marianne

Porpoises are some of the smallest whales in the world. They can reach a length of 180 cm and weigh up to 60 kg.

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Naturpark Lillebælt

Nature Park Lillebælt

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