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Fishing spot at the river Spang Å

Pack your fishing rod and go fishing in the river Spang Å at Rands Fjord.

Fish species in the area

Fishing is free in the river Spang Å on the stretch between Rands Fjord and the lock at Høllsminde. In the river Spang Å you can catch fish species such as perch, pike, brown trout, grayling and bream, which can also be found in Rands Fjord.

During the season from June to November, you may also be lucky enough to hook a sea trout.

Fishing restrictions

Fishing in the river Spang Å is not allowed from 16 November to 15 January, and fishing is not allowed closer than 50 m from the lock. Please also note that fishing permits are required to fish in Danish publicly accessible fishing waters.


There are several parking facilities at the river Spang Å. South of the motorway you can park at the car park at Egeskovvej 365, 7000 Fredericia. North of the motorway you can park in the car park at Bøgeskov Strand, from where there is a good walk to the river.

It is not possible to cross the motorway.

GPS: 55.621105, 9.739482


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