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Rands Fjord

Rands Fjord is a beautiful protected natural area north of Fredericia. The fjord, which was converted into a fresh water lake, has a rich nature and wildlife. The nature and wildlife can be experienced from the many hiking trails in the area. Most of the hiking trails have their starting point at the small parking spots around the fjord. Here you'll be able to find information boards with information about the hiking trails and the surroundings as well.

Rands Fjord is surrounded by meadows, reed swamps, slopes, forests, fields, grasslands and hills with great views over the lake. In clear weather, you'll might be able to see Trelde Næs and the Little Belt. In the 20th century, the area around Rands Fjord were used for extracting diatomaceous earth/kieselguhr. The former deposits are now transformed into small lakes.

Wildlife at Rands Fjord
The one of best ways to experience the wildlife of Rands Fjord is from the many hiking trails. The varied landscape is breeding site for many bird species. Rands Fjord is also home for white-tailed eagles, who uses the area as breeding site and hunting ground. Seeing the eagles hovering over the fjord is a breathtaking sight.

Are you perticulary interested in bird observations, we would recommend visiting The Bird Tower. The white-tailed eagles are best seen from The Bird Tower as well, but they can also be spotted from the graveyard of the nearby Egeskov Church.

Fishing at Rands Fjord
Fishing in Rands Fjord is not allowed without permission from the landowners. However, you can fish from the stream Spang Å by the parking lot by Egeskovvej.

Biking routes at Rands Fjord
There is a beautiful cycling route around the fjord. The route is 14,5 km and offers hilly terrain, forest and meadows. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the white-tailed eagle hunting in the area.