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Hannerup Forest and Fuglsang Forest

Hannerup Forest and Fuglsang Forest form a large contiguous natural area, which offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities.

In the forests you will find marked footpaths, as well as a marked path for the visually impaired. If you're up for it, there is a mountain bike track, which is about 8 kilometers long and about 225 m in altitude. It is signposted and suitable for most levels of riders. In addition, you will also find a good riding trail in the forest.

Close to the parking lot at Fuglsang Forest, you can visit a fenced deer park with fallow deer. You may be lucky enough to get quite close to the animals. If you want to feed the deer, you may bring apples and carrots (other types of food e.g. pasta and bread is bad for the animals). In Fuglsang forest, you will also find a forest playground with tables, benches, and room for play for both young and old children.

You will also find a children's playground, with tables and benches by the parking lot at Hannerup Forest. Here is a large area with different playing fields, which may be used when free.


If you walk past the ball courts across the bridge road, you will come to a memorial. On a hilltop stands a stone column commemorating that here lay one of the German bastions from which Fredericia was besieged in 1849. Below the hill is a lion fountain. In the westernmost part of the forest is Sortebro, which connects Hannerup Forest and Fuglsang Forest. Here stands one of the forest's oldest oak trees, which is several hundred years old.

The area lends itself well to a picnic in the green and is a lovely scenic area, which is definitely worth a visit.

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