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The White Water Tower

NEW EXPERIENCE: Visit the White Water Tower, one of Fredericia's landmarks, and experience the fantastic view of the Little Belt.

The Best View in Town

The White Water Tower in Fredericia is a former water reservoir located centrally on the ramparts of Fredericia. Today the water tower is used as a lookout point and offers the best view over Fredericia and the Little Belt.

Experience Fredericia from the Top

Via the internal spiral staircase you can get up to the water tower’s roof terrace where you are 44 meters above sea level. On the roof terrace there are tables and benches where you can enjoy your own food or a well-earned break. At the foot of the water tower there are also tables and benches for free use.

You will find the White Water Tower on Prince George’s Bastion (Prins Georgs Bastion), one of many bastions on the ramparts of Fredericia. Read more about the impressive fortification here!

Find Out More about Fredericia’s Old Buildings in the White Water Tower

From now on you will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful view but also learn more about Fredericia’s old buildings when you visit the White Water Tower. From 1 April 2023 you can experience a brand new exhibition from Museerne i Fredericia in the water tower. The exhibition focuses on some of Fredericia’s older and well-known buildings – the buildings also have in common that they all can be seen from the top of the White Water Tower.

Read about the building’s exciting history and see if you can spot them when you reach the top!

Enjoy the View and Discover Fredericia 

From the water tower’s panoramic terrace there is an absolutely fantastic view, and now it will be even more fun to experience Fredericia from above with the new viewing spots. Here you can see which buildings you can see from the top. You will be surprised how far you can actually see!

Visit the White Water Tower with the easy payment System

It is easy to enjoy the wonderful view from the White Water Tower – you can let yourself in via the payment system, which hangs by the water tower’s door!

Easy Access and Longer Opening Hours

Admission: Admission to the White Water Tower costs 20 DDK per person. Entry is free for children under the age of 10.

Access is purchased via the payment system, which hangs at the entrance to the water tower. You can pay with Danish and foreign payment cards with contactless function as well as GooglePay and ApplePay.

Opening hours: The White Water Tower is open every day from 08:00 to 18:00.

Entrance fees help pay for maintenance and repair of the White Water Tower.

Experience the White Water Tower outside Opening Hours

You can experience the White Water Tower from the outside at all hours. Visit the tower on your way around the ramparts or plan a nice picnic on the grassy area at the foot of the tower. It is also recommended to experience the White Water Tower after dark where light spots make the large white tower stand out clearly in the otherwise dark rampart area.

Below the water tower is The Brave Soldier Square where you can see The Brave Soldier, one of Fredericia’s other landmarks.

The History of the Tower

Because the White Water Tower is located on the ramparts of Fredericia, many believe that the tower is part of the original fortification. However, this is not the case!

The White Water Tower was inaugurated on 2 January 1909 as a replacement for a high reservoir from 1889 located at the King’s Bastion (Kongens Bastion) where the White Water Tower is now located. The new tall building was a peculiar sight in Fredericia, because Fredericia’s status as an active military fortress meant that it was not allowed to build higher than the level of the ramparts in the town centre. Buildings or church towers that could be seen outside the ramparts would be potential targets for enemy forces. However, it was planned that the military function of the fortress would be closed down during 1909 and the area taken over by Fredericia Kommune in 1914, and a dispensation was therefore granted to build the 16 meter high municipal water tower on the fortification.

The tower could accommodate approx. 445.000 liters of water and was actively used as a water tower until 1994.

The location of the White Water Tower meant that there was a particular focus on the appearance of the tower blending into the historical and military surroundings. A good example is the top of the tower, the edge of which is designed as a series of loopholes.

The tower was designed by Oscar Gundlach-Pedersen who also designed Nørreport and Danmarks Port, two of Fredericia’s town gates.

The tower also has an interior decoration. This was done by Søren Hausgaard Kjær and symbolizes the water’s path from ground water to the consumer.



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