Naturpark Lillebælt

Nature Park Lillebælt

Fredericia is located in Nature Park Lillebælt, the largest nature park in Denmark. It is a marine nature park with Little Belt flowing through its core, surrounded by coastal landscapes.  It is home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises. 

A large nature park in a little belt

Nature Park Lillebælt stretches over 370 km2. Just about 200 km2 making up 54 % is protected nature. Nature Park Lillebælt is a marine nature park and about 70 % of the park is covered by sea. 

The Nature Park works to create a sea of experiences, which will inspire us all to protect and improve the Little Belt.  

Find more info about the nature park and the efforts (in Danish only)

Top experiences in the nature park

Hvalsafari på Lillebælt

Whale watching

in the Little Belt



Spis Lillebælt tur

Guided tours in Nature Park Lillebælt

MS Marianne

Boat trips

Belt in balance

Nature Park Lillebælt is working to secure a better balance between using and protecting nature. With Belt in Balance the nature park works together with local partners and businesses on three specific efforts to improve the environment in and around the Little Belt.  
Selling stuffed animals in the shape of a porpoise collects money for the Porpoise Fund, fishing for crabs creates a better under water eco system, and picking up garbage keeps nature free from plastic and trash. You can join the efforts too. 

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