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Nature Park Søndervold

Nature Park Søndervold is a recreational oasis in the middle of the city.

Nature Park Søndervold: New city park in the heart of Fredericia

Nature Park Søndervold is Fredericia's new city park!

Located in the heart of Fredericia, in the new district called the Canal District and just a stone's throw away from the Little Belt, Nature Park Søndervold is a beautiful oasis amidst the bustling city life.

Exercise, play, culture, art, and nature come together in the middle of the Canal District

Naturpark Søndervold is a cohesive city park divided into four different areas: Volden (The Rampart), Legeskoven (The Play Forest), Sansehaven (The Sensory Garden), and Kysten (The Coast). Each area has its own focus and activities.

You can find an interactive map of the park's areas and special activities here. Click on the areas and the small markers to learn more!

The Rampart: Movement and relaxation

The Rampart is the highest area in the city park. Here, you'll find a viewpoint that can be used as a sled hill, a Tarzan trail, and an exercise area, as well as several seating areas. The sculpture "Venskab" (Friendship) is also located here.

The vegetation in this area is inspired by Fredericia Ramparts.

The Play Forest: Nature playground in forest surroundings

Søndervold's nature playground is the centerpiece of The Play Forest.

The vegetation is inspired by the forests of Fredericia.

The Sensory Garden: The park's gathering point

The Sensory Garden is the gathering place in Nature Park Søndervold. Here, you'll find Byhaverne Søndervold (Søndervold City Gardens), a community garden for the citizens of Fredericia.

You can read more about Søndervold City Gardens here!

In The Sensory Garden, you'll also find the park's Orangery, a market and petanque area, seating areas with grills, and a rainwater collection for birds, amphibians, and insects.

The vegetation in The Sensory Garden is inspired by salt-tolerant forest areas in Fredericia and the surrounding areas.

In 2023/2024, the area will also have its own "green" community and assembly house, Naturbasen (The Nature Base).

The Coast: Sandy area and bonfire site

The Coast is clearly inspired by the long stretches of beach and coastline found in Fredericia. In the middle of the park area, there is a large sandy area with beach sand and a bonfire site.

You are welcome to light a fire using the firewood provided on the site, but remember to save some firewood for others and clean up after yourself!

The vegetation along the coast resembles that of the beach. Fallen tree trunks lie side by side with salt-tolerant plant species.

Illuminated path system for cyclists and pedestrians

Nature Park Søndervold features a main path that allows both cycling and walking. The main path is illuminated, and in several places, there are special lighting effects in stone fences, creating a cozy atmosphere and a sense of security.

The smaller paths branching off from the main path and leading into the green areas are for pedestrians only.

Focus on biodiversity in Nature Park Søndervold

The vegetation in Nature Park Søndervold is clearly inspired by the nature surrounding Fredericia, and the diverse planting contributes to the promotion of biodiversity in Fredericia.

The salt-tolerant plants, green trees, grasslands, and sandy soil, combined with fallen tree trunks, stone walls, and the rainwater collection forming a small lake, create perfect environments for both plants and animals.

A city park with activities for children and adults

The city park invites both young and old to be active.

Søndervolds outdoor fitness equipment, Tarzan trail, and nature playground offer opportunities for hours of exercise.

Experience the park's artwork Radio Sfæren - part of the art walk in the Canal District

Nature Park Søndervold also features art. In addition to the granite sculpture "Venskab" (Friendship), which was a gift to Fredericia from the artist Jens Erik Kjeldsen, the entire city park itself is a work of art.

A sound artwork in the middle of nature

Radio Sfæren is Søndervold's very own artwork, created exclusively for the city park. The artwork is a sound installation by the artist Amalie Smith and consists of a radio station that plays around the clock.

The sound artwork consists of four layers with many hours of speeches, music, and natural sounds, whose combination is ever-changing and controlled by weather conditions and the rhythm of the day. Therefore, you will never experience the sound artwork in the same way, no matter how often you listen.

Stories and songs about Søndervold

From sunrise to sunset, you can listen to short stories about the city park and the unique environment and history of the area:

You can hear interviews with local fishermen, seed collectors, former factory workers, park architects, and researchers in plants, biodiversity, and climate solutions. Or fictional projections of Nature Park Søndervold's history. Or you can listen to the local choir Lyngsodde Choir singing new songs written for Søndervold's plants.

Radio Sfæren is one of the works in the Canal District's art walk.

You can find the link to Radio Sfæren via the small information signs located around the city park and at the park entrances. Headphones are recommended!

By the blue waves of the Little Belt and the quarters of The Canal District

Søndervold city park is situated right by the Little Belt and the cozy small quarters of The Canal District.

When you visit Søndervold, you can also experience Nature Park Lillebælt, Denmark's largest nature park, and The Canal District. From the city park, it is also not far to the charming harbor environment in Gammel Havn, The Old Habour in Fredericia.

You can find more information about Nature Park Søndervold on The Canal District's website!


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