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Shelter på Trelde Næs


Sleep under the stars

Hvalsafari på Lillebælt

Whale watching

in the Little Belt

Rødhovedet polyp under vandet

Diving and snorkelling

For beginners and practised 

Lystfisker ved Trelde Næs


In the Little Belt

Nature Park Lillebælt
Explore Denmark's largest nature park, Nature Park Lillebælt. 
Enjoy varied and scenic landscapes and lots of activities, which can bring you closer to nature and the sea in Nature Park Lillebælt.

Nature Park Lillebælt is a marine nature park with the Little Belt as its core, surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes. It is home to one of the world's densest populations of whales - the little porpoises. Nature Park Lillebælt covers about 370 km2 - including 200 km2 of protected nature. About 70 % is the nature park is sea.


If you're looking for a good beach, we recommend one of our four Blue Flag beaches, which you can see below. You can also check out our other beaches - you can expect excellent water quality and lovely surrounding on all of them. 

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Hvalsafari på Lillebælt
Planlæg din tur
Luftfoto af Fredericia Vold