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Riddle Hunt: 'Moses & Cathrine: Cursed Love'

Occult forces are at play. Can you save Fredericia from the curse?

'Moses & Cathrine: Cursed Love' - a new riddle hunt in Fredericia

The religious sanctuary of Fredericia is in danger!

A fanatical devil cult is pursuing the earthly remains of Friedrich, the child of the Jew Moses and the Protestant Cathrine, symbolizing a forbidden blood bond between religions in the city.

On Fredericia's new riddle hunt 'Moses and Cathrine: Cursed Love,' you must stop the devil cult before it's too late! With Friedrich's remains, the cult can cast an eternal curse over the city, so only your cleverness, ingenuity, and collective wisdom can save Fredericia.

Forbidden love, devil cult, and real events

With the riddle hunt 'Moses and Cathrine: Cursed Love,' the story comes to life as an old Frederician love drama is revived.

The riddle hunt is designed by the riddle company HV?M for VisitFredericia and Fredericia Town Museum. The tale of Cathrine, Moses, Friedrich, and the devil cult is based on a true story of forbidden love between two faiths and the fear of the devil's punishment that unfolded many years ago in Fredericia.

Experience Fredericia's historical landmarks and learn about the religious sanctuary

During the riddle hunt, you'll explore the city center of Fredericia and pass by various religious and historical landmarks.

Along the way, you'll learn about Friedrich's grim fate and Fredericia's unique religious freedom, which holds significant importance in Danish history.

An analog escape game filled with excitement for the whole family

Fredericia's new riddle hunt resembles a typical escape game, but it all happens analogously! When you purchase the riddle hunt, you'll receive a puzzle booklet and a small bag with secret contents – everything you need is in the booklet and bag.

The riddle hunt can be played by groups of 2-6 players and is best suited for children aged 12 and above. The activity can also be enjoyed by adult groups!

Purchase the riddle hunt here and get started!

'Moses & Cathrine: Cursed Love' costs 200 DKK and can be bought at Fredericia Library and Welcome Center and Fredericia Town Museum.

Take a break along the way and enjoy Fredericia's eateries

The advantage of an analog riddle hunt is that you can solve it at your own pace and take breaks whenever you feel like it, perhaps for a meal or refreshment.

'Moses & Cathrine: Cursed Love' is expected to take around 2 hours, but you can easily incorporate a break if you need something to eat or drink.

Find an overview of Fredericia's eateries here!

New activities in Fredericia for both young and old

'Moses & Cathrine: Cursed Love' is just one of several new activities in Fredericia. The riddle hunt is ideal for adult groups and families with older children, while families with younger children can try the new family activity 'Brave Soldier on a Mission.'

If you prefer nature experiences and life at sea, you can embark on an exciting whale-watching safari with one of the many tour boats sailing from Fredericia throughout the summer.

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