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T9 Cycle Route – Trelde Næs 34.4 km

The T9 Cycle Route takes you through the beautiful natural areas around Trelde and Trelde Næs.

Cycle route with a focus on nature

The Trelde Næs route T9 is for those who want to enjoy both the town’s vibrant vibes and the tranquillity of the countryside. On the 34.4 km cycle route you will experience Fredericia's vibrant town centre, Rands Fjord, the small villages of Egeskov and Bøgeskov and the beautiful nature area of Trelde Næs.

The Trelde Næs cycle route is part of the Naviki cycle route programme, which is available both online and as an app. See the Trelde Næs cycle route here, or find it via the blue box on the right!

On a bike ride to Trelde Næs

Trelde Næs is part of Nature park Lillebælt, and the area is a must-see for all nature lovers. This vast nature area has it all: forests, meadows, high cliffs and a fantastic beach. And Trelde Næs is known as a great place to find fossils!


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