Ferie med børn i Fredericia

Fredericia for kids

Photo: Joan Barløse

Fredericia offers plenty of fun and activities for children and families. Visit Madsby Activity Park - the largest free play park in Denmark! Go whale watching on the Little Belt, explore nature and see the many other activities for children. 

Sunny days by the Little Belt

If your vacation is meant to be child-friendly, Fredericia is full of experiences. Explore our best activities for children and look forward to a summer vacation filled with summer fun and sunshine at the Little Belt

Adventures under blue skies

The best holidays are spent out in the open. Complete the exciting historical mission at Fredericia Ramparts or let our outdoor pass inspire you to experiences in nature. 
At Nature centre Trelde Næs you can borrow free equipment for exploring and playing in nature. 

Learn more about the Danish nature

Fredericia is part of Nature Park Lillebælt. It is Denmark's largest nature park and home to a large population of the small whale, the porpoise. All year around you can go on guided tours in the park, where you can see and learn much more about the Danish nature. See the current tours here.