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Nature Center Lundingsvej

Borrow equipment and learn about nature at the new Nature Center Lundingsvej.

Nature Center Lundingsvej - Nature Experiences for the Whole Family

Fredericia's new Nature Center Lundingsvej is located right by the Little Belt at Hyby Beach and offers activities for both young and old.

The nature center, which opened in July 2023, is situated at the entrance to the beach path on Lundingsvej and is open year-round.

Learn about the nature around the Little Belt

Inside the nature center, you will find plenty of information about the nature and wildlife around Fredericia and the Little Belt. Here, you can read more about the fish living in the strait and about the harbor porpoise, the Little Belt's very own little whale.

The nature center also focuses on life at the beach, and you can learn a lot about Fredericia's other beaches too.

Explore the beach with equipment from the gear bank

At Nature Center Lundingsvej, you will also find a large gear bank where you can borrow from when visiting the nature center.

Borrow waders, dip nets, crab fishing rods, and much more!

In the gear bank, you'll find tools for nature investigations such as small magnifying glasses and underwater binoculars, as well as crab fishing rods, waders, and dip nets for catching shrimp. The little ones can also borrow toys to play with in the sandy beach.

All equipment in the gear bank is free to borrow, but remember to return the borrowed items so that others can also explore nature.

Public toilet and outdoor shower for your beach trip

At Nature Center Lundingsvej, you will also find a public toilet and an outdoor shower so you can rinse off the saltwater from your body after a dip in the Little Belt or sand off your toes after a long day at the beach.

Information about Nature Center Lundingsvej

Opening hours: Nature Center Lundingsvej is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day, year-round.

Free admission: It's free to use Nature Center Lundingsvej, and borrowing equipment from the gear bank is also free.

Remember to return the equipment, clean up, and dispose of any trash when leaving the nature center.

Toilet and shower facilities: There's a public toilet and an outdoor shower at the nature center.

New nature playground and a new nature center

Nature Center Lundingsvej is part of a larger renewal project, which, in addition to the opening of the new nature center, also includes an entirely new nature playground next to the Nature Center.

Hyby Beach: A natural beach with a blue flag

Nature Center Lundingsvej is located at Hyby Beach, one of Fredericia's beautiful natural beaches with a blue flag. Here, you can enjoy both beautiful nature and excellent bathing conditions.

Nature Center Lundingsvej is right by the hiking trail Strandstien, which runs all the way along Hyby Beach to Østerstrand and into The Canal District.

You can read more about the hiking trail Strandstien here!

Part of Nature Park Lillebælt

Nature Center Lundingsvej, together with Hyby Beach, is part of Nature Park Lillebælt, Denmark's largest nature park.

Learn more about the nature park and its many experiences here!


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