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Mobile Home Parking in the Canal District

Enjoy the beautiful view in the front row of the Little Belt.

Mobile home parking in the Canal District with sea view

In Fredericia, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy the Little Belt while on the move in your camper and mobile home. Park at the new mobile home parking in the Canal District, right on the waterfront with a fantastic view of the belt.

Park your mobile home and experience the fortress town of Fredericia

The fortress town by the Little Belt offers a wealth of experiences. Park your mobile home and enjoy some wonderful hours in Fredericia's charming pedestrian streets, visit the great cafes and restaurants, or experience the city in the heart of Denmark.

Explore the fantastic Fredericia Ramparts, one of Northern Europe's oldest and best-preserved defense facilities, visit the White Water Tower, or pack your swimsuit and enjoy Østerstrand, Fredericia's best beach right in the middle of the city.

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Information regarding camper and mobile home parking

The parking area is located on Esplanaden at the Old Habor in the Canal District. The space is earmarked for campers and mobile homes.
The price is 200 DKK per day, and payment is made via, for example, EasyApp (fee of 30 DKK).


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