Vinter i Fredericia
Dådyr i Fuglsang Dyrehave
Mads Hansen
Photo:Mads Hansen&Joan Barløse

Winter Holiday in Fredericia 2024

Spend your winter holiday in 2024 at Little Belt and explore the historic fortress town of Fredericia, bustling with culture, shops, and restaurants. During the winter holiday, you'll find plenty of activities and events. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the first holiday of the year right here in the heart of Denmark.

Vinterferie med børn i Fredericia

Fredericia is for both young and old

Photo: Pexel

5 Free Activities for You with Children

1) Visit Madsby Activity Park, try the large playground, and say hello to the park's cute animals.

2) Take a walk in the wildlife park in Fredericia - bring a picnic basket and hot cocoa if you like.

3) Take the family on an exciting pebble and fossil hunt at Trelde Næs.

4) Becoma a brave soldier at Fredericia Ramparts - a fun game for the whole family.

5) Visit Fredericia Town Museum and learn about the history of the fortress town.

Nyd bl.a. naturen nær Erritsø mose

Hiking paths in Fredericia

Photo: Joan Barløse
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